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Bluesea expect to see at DMEXCO

This year, digital creativity has become an integral part of our living and working environment: in just the past few weeks, over one billion people have read texts and viewed images that have been created using artificial intelligence programs. Until now, they only analyzed existing data statistically, while these new programs are now implicitly creative and generate impressive results – something that, without human inpu, hardly seemed possible before: stories, descriptions, images, movies, physical products – and that’s just the start. On September 20 and 21 in Cologne, under the motto “Empowering Digital Creativity”, DMEXCO will discuss just what impact digital creativity has on the digital economy, which is also creative.

There are many people within peers who think that DMEXCO is the greatest show on earth and for good reason.

Over two days (September 20 and 21), DMEXCO brings together industry leaders, marketing and media professionals and tech pioneers together in one city–Cologne, Germany–and one roof to set the digital agenda that we all follow.  

We are very excited to have the opportunity to meet, communicate and share ideas with our peers at the exhibition!

Please arrange the meeting with us before we take off!