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Simplify growth with our premium ad inventory.
Our extensive traffic network, built through direct partnerships and third-party programmatic channels, offers your business targeted ad inventory across multiple ad formats and app categories.
  • 20Billion+

    Imperssion Monthly

  • 800Million+

    Unique Visitors

  • 300+


  • 200k+

    Mobile Apps

Goal-Oriented BlueMind DSP

Obtain results by optimizing brand or performance KPI goals such as reach, installs, game levels, transactions, sales lift and more.

BlueMind DSP relies on advanced targeting options by OS, ad format, bundle, country, user profile and contextual targeting to reach highly engaged audiences.

Help customers improve efficiency
A Powerful Platform for CTV Marketing
BlueMind CTV solution helps to connect you with high-value CTV audiences by utilizing the machine learning solution for CTV, no matter the brand awareness or performance marketing.
  • Reach the right audience on both CTV and mobile platforms
  • Keep viewers engaged with tailored promotions
  • Set campaign goals, extend reach and measure ROI