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AI-powered Programmatic Platform
Our programmatic platform is powered by a unique machine learning algorithm, developed from our extensive experience running mobile app campaigns. By using solid business logic to guide and accelerate the creation of initial targeting models, we can hit our KPIs and scale faster.


Start collecting data by bidding on impressions that match simple demographic criteria.

Basic Logic Level

A simple targeting algorithm using the initial data and tested methods.

Custom Classification Model

A personalized targeting algorithm fine-tuned for installation.

Engagement optimization

We use data from all stages of the user journey to train the algorithm for better retention and in-app purchases.


Data Management
Leverage first-party data
Improve targeting accuracy
To reach the right people with the right message, marketers must move from cookie-based methods to strategies that use a brand's own first-party data to recognize real people across devices and channels. First-party data helps marketers improve accuracy and relevance, reduce ad waste, and ultimately increase ROI.
Close the loop on attribution
Insights from first-party data can be used to guide media allocations and budgets. Knowing how each point in the customer journey impacts conversion provides a more precise way to examine attribution and find out how budget changes affect online engagement and in-store sales.
Retargeting lookalike audiences
First-party data is also used to retarget audiences. Retargeting is a way to reach potential customers who have expressed interest in your product or service. You can also use first-party data to target a lookalike audience-an audience that shares similar behaviors and interests as your active customer base. If you view a product online, then leave that webpage and visit another, you may see an ad from the previously visited page. This is considered a retargeting advertising campaign enabled by first-party data.
Data Clean Room
When it comes to data privacy, all parties within a data clean room maintain full control over their data, which is usually fully encrypted throughout the process. A data clean room has strict governance and permissions where each party decides what and how their data is accessed and used. Bluesea currently supports several data clean room solutions.