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New Vendor Registration to IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework -BLUESEA

Today, BlueSea announced its approval as the latest vendor to join IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework v2.2 TCF.


The TCF, launched in April 2018, is a cross-industry voluntary standard that relies on standardisation to facilitate compliance with certain provisions of the ePrivacy Directive and the GDPR. It applies principles and requirements derived from these two legislative instruments to the online industry's specific context, taking into account relevant EU-level guidance from the EDPB and national level guidance from Data Protection Authorities.


The TCF is developed by IAB Europe in collaboration with organisations and professionals in the online industry. It is intended to enable publishers of websites and apps (first parties) and technology partners that support the delivery, personalisation or measurement of advertising and content (third parties or vendors) to work together and provide users with a standardised experience when they make privacy choices. 


The TCF enables users to grant or withhold consent and also exercise their ‘right to object’ to data being processed. It includes minimum practical requirements that stems from guidelines of Data Protection Authorities and jurisprudence for informing users, providing them with privacy choices, and for respecting such choices.


At BlueSea, we recognize the importance of balancing targeted advertising with user privacy and control. Our adoption of TCF 2.2 reflects our proactive approach to navigating the evolving landscape of data protection and privacy regulations. By aligning with industry standards and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we continue to drive innovation and deliver value to our clients while safeguarding user privacy.


We are excited about the opportunities this framework affords us and look forward to collaborating with our partners to unlock the full potential of targeted advertising in a privacy-centric manner.



For more information about the TCF v2.2, visit