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Bluesea Joins TAG - Impact and Value to Partners

Since Bluesea announced that it had joined the Trusted Advertising Group (TAG), people inside and outside the industry have been following the development. As the world's leading ad tech company, Bluesea's move has far-reaching implications and significance for its partners. 


First, it's important to understand the importance of TAG, a global industry self-governing organization dedicated to eliminating counterfeit digital advertising, including fraud, piracy and malware. By joining TAG, a company publicly commits itself to following certain industry rules and ethical standards to ensure that ads are authentic, safe and effective.


For Bluesea Partners, Bluesea joining the TAG has several key benefits and implications:

Increased credibility

As a member of the TAG, Bluesea's image and reputation will be further enhanced. This will increase partners' trust in Bluesea and further deepen the relationship.

Enhancement of advertisement safety

Bluesea will comply with TAG's rules to ensure that all advertisements are authentic and safe. This will greatly reduce partners' risks and protect their brand image and investment.

Enhance advertising effectiveness

Bluesea will leverage TAG's resources and tools to optimize advertising strategies and enhance advertising effectiveness. This will help partners increase the return on advertising and capture more profits.


Promote Transparency

Bluesea will follow TAG's principle of transparency and disclose information about the ads. This will help partners better understand how their ads are performing and make more informed decisions.

Establish industry standards

Bluesea will work with other TAG members to develop and promote industry standards. This will help partners better adapt to industry developments and maintain a competitive edge.

Overall, Bluesea joining the TAG is an important strategic decision that will have a profound impact on its partners. It will not only enhance Bluesea's credibility, strengthen the security of ads, and improve the effectiveness of ads, but will also promote transparency and establish standards in the industry. We have reason to believe that this decision by Bluesea will bring great benefits to its partners and drive the development of the whole industry.